A Celebration for All

For more than half a century the Polish American Congress has celebrated the signing of the Polish Constitution on May 3, 1791. To see why we celebrate the 3rd of May, click HERE. It was Europe's first written constitution and embodied many of the same democratic principals contained in our U.S. constitution. To this day, celebrations of every variety are being planned throughout our nation under the auspices of the Polish American Congress, with few exceptions but virtually always with its full support.

The Polish American Congress was formed in 1944 as an umbrella organization for all Polish social, cultural, educational, veterans and fraternal organizations so that America's Polish American community could be heard with one strong voice on important issues and events. Membership is voluntary.

Formed in 1948, the Ohio Division almost immediately began sponsoring the state's Constitution Celebration annually here in Metro Cleveland. During the years, its format and location has changed: from the Kosciuszko Monument at University Circle, to City Hall downtown, to Slavic Village and now to Parma.

Truly, these events belong to no one person or group; it belongs to Polish history. In Ohio and nationally, the Polish American Congress has had the privilege of being the custodian of that tradition, that history. Why? Because our ancestors wanted it that way. They saw strength in unity and encourage it. That's why the Congress was formed. Today, for any individual or group to claim ownership of this event as "ours" or the "original" is simply a complete distortion of historical fact.

The Ohio Division of the Polish American Congress invites all men and women of every race, creed and nationality to join us May 3th, 4th and 5th, 2019 in Parma to continue Ohio's 71 year tradition of celebrating what the Polish Constitution represents to all people-freedom to peacefully choose how you are governed.

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